Samantha Qureshi looks forward to successful 2018

News Writer Vinode Mamchan

Chief accountant of the companies of Maq Group, Samantha Qureshi, is looking forward forward to a successful 2018 US Open T20 tournament.

Samantha said working on the US Open project for the 10th anniversary has been quite a wonderful experience and she is looking forward to a wonderful December when all the teams come together for a celebration of cricket that has been admired by some many people in the past.

However, a stickler for discipline she has already thrown out a note of warning for clubs interested in taking part. “We want people to understand that it is not an easy task in putting together this tournament. We literally start working the very next day when the tournament ends, preparing for the next edition, such is the enormity of the competition. We would like club owners to understand this and to cooperate with us fully in terms of meeting deadlines for registration and payment of fees.

“Our technical team is already out there communicating with clubs for this year’s event and I am urging those interested to let them know early. As soon as you are on board, then allow the technical team to start preparing on their end for your team’s participation. They will need team numbers, sizes for uniforms, etc and we are not going to entertain latecomers this time around. This year we have taken on added responsibility of it being the 10th anniversary, in order to make it a grand affair we need your cooperation.

“We want to thank all the teams who have participated over the years and we want to let you know that the success of the US Open T20 was built around your participation. This tournament has been a success due to the hard work of the members of CCUSA and we trust that we will continue to make the team and players proud but putting out a quality product. Let us all take ownership of a great product and move in the right direction to make it one of the best leagues in the world.”

The 10th edition of the US Open takes place from December 12 to 16 at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill.

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