Maq the master club builder

A group of guys normally get together for a game of cricket and if they do it often enough, the next logical step is to form a club. The success of the club will then depend on leadership but leadership must be guided by a blueprint or else all will collapse sooner or later.

Qureshi who is a master club builder is putting forward the blueprint for success which includes at the top of the list being well organised. “Firstly, a club must have a constitution by which the members are guided. If you want to build a professional unit, this is where you start. Once you have a constitution in place then elections can be held to select in the minds of the membership the best personnel to lead the club forward.

When an executive is formed headed by a president, committees must be set up to deal with different aspects of club life. You must have a cricket operations committee, a finance, marketing and sponsorship committee and of course a disciplinary committee.

‘For clubs to be successful there must be some sort of funding coming in. This is the only way that proper programmes can be put in place for development. The marketing arm of the club must be strong. They must be able to sell the club to the membership at first, which is where money comes initially and then to the corporate sector. Once this is done then venue improvements can take place and once you have proper facilities then you can stage efficient development programmes that can lead to quality cricketers coming through the ranks.

Another key aspect of building  good club is to involve families. Members must feel free to have their family as part of the set up making it a success. Once there is this buy in, then the club grows. There must also be other activities that will interest different minded club members. The club must not only be for cricket but for development and recreation for people. You must put people first, if you are to gain success at any club. Given them ownership,  make them feel a part of the set up and you will see the amazing results.”

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