Kancha Cheena Pirates lift Chicago Cup title


Kancha Cheena Pirates lift Chicago Cup title

Let’s take a look at what transpired in the three-day Twenty20 Cricket action in the Chicago Cup 2018.

CHICAGO, (MAQTV) Sept. 4, 2018 – Kancha Cheena Pirates edged out Tony Montana Pushers by two runs in the rain-affected final to lift the 2018 Chicago Cup title at Washington Park in Chicago on Monday.

The rain played spoilsport on the finals day as the semifinal encounters also got affected by the downpour.

It was the twilight of the action-packed tournament which not only inspired the youth in the United States but also enthralled the cricket fans across the globe. The MaqTV, which was providing the live stream of the tournament, attracted a huge number of eyeballs on the website.

The 2018 Chicago Cup got off to a rousing start on September 1 with some of the most infamous villains of the global film industry locked horns in the battle of cricket in Illinois.

The tournament was able to make waves in the international arenas as cricket fans from all across the world enjoyed the cricket action live from the United States through social media and MAQTV’s live stream.

The teams were pooled into two groups. Group A consisted of Kancha Cheena Pirates, Tony Montana Pushers, Gabbar Singh Dakus, and Mogambo Invaders whereas Group B had Shakaal Sharks, Keyser Soze Invisibles, Khalnayak Babas, and Don Uncatchables.


Match 1: Gabbar Singh Dakus vs Mogambo Invaders

The 2018 Chicago Cup got off to an electric start with two of the worst men in Bollywood, i.e. Gabbar Singh and Mogambo, faced off in the opening encounter on September 1.

Mogambo Invaders won the toss and elected to bowl first. Gabbar Singh Dakus got off the blocks quickly as Ashish Patel (44 off 29 – 2 fours, 3 sixes) showed blistering form. Gaurav Purohit (50* off 37 – 3 fours, 3 sixes) put the icing on the cake with an aggressive half-century towards the end of the innings. Gabbar Singh finished their innings at 7/172. Usama Ahmed (4-0-44-2), Ali Khan (4-0-30-2), Chirag Patel (2-0-19-2), and Naren Murkonda (4-0-29-1) were the wicket-takers for Mogambo.

Mogambo lost skipper Pritesh Patel (1 off 2) early in the innings but Shiraz Najam (71 off 47 – 4 fours, 5 sixes) and Zishawn Qureshi (40 off 36 – 1 four, 3 sixes) not only revived the innings but put them well on course to victory. The Invaders looked all set to sail through the run-chase at 1/109 after 13 overs, needing only 64 runs from the last seven overs with nine wickets in hand. However, it all changed with the dismissal of Shiraz Najam as Zishawn followed him in the next over. The removal of the two well-set batsmen put the brakes on the scoring rate and the following batsmen couldn’t beat the pressure. In the end, Mogambo Invaders were wrapped up for 10/143 from 18.5 overs. Aadi Patel (3.5-0-20-3), Abdul Rauf (4-0-21-3), and Ashish Patel (1-0-9-1) combined together to undo the great work that Shiraz and Zishawn put up in the first half of the innings.

Result: Gabbar Singh Dakus won by 29 runs


Match 2: Khalnayak Babas vs Keyser Soze Invisibles

In the second match of the opening day of the tournament, Keyser Soze Invisibles downed Khalnayak Babas by two wickets in a nerve-wracking clash.

Keyser Soze won the toss and put Khalnayak on the crease. Khalnayak Babas made 8/133 from their 20 overs. Romeen Lavani (35 off 32 – 4 fours, 1 six), Abdul Salam (28* off 20 – 2 sixes), and Naagarajan Narayanan (20 off 25 – 1 six) were the main contributors to the total for Babas. Skipper Asmar Najam (4-0-15-3) was the pick of the bowlers whereas Usman Malik (4-0-24-2) and Surjit Singh (4-0-18-2) also chipped in with two wickets apiece for the Invisibles.

Chasing 134 runs for the confident-boosting victory, the Invisible lost Sumanth Reddy Bhimi (3 off 5) and Khawar Ali (3 off 8) early in the innings. However, Jay Desai (36 off 22 – 1 four, 3 sixes) and Saquib Chowdury (52* off 45) reinstated the balance with some lusty blows. Although Saquib Chowdury kept losing partners at the other end, he was able to smoothly anchor the run-chase to victory. Keyser Soze Invisibles achieved the target for the loss of eight wickets on the second last delivery of the final over.

Result: Keyser Soze Invisibles won by two wickets


Match 3: Tony Montana Pushers vs Kancha Cheena Pirates

Kancha Cheena Pirates got their campaign off to a victorious start with a six-wicket triumph over Tony Montana Pushers in the Game 3 of the Chicago Cup at Washington Park on Saturday. Kancha Cheena Pirates won the toss and decided to chase a target.

Manu Singh (75* off 56 – 4 fours, 4 sixes) single-handedly lifted the Tony Montana Pushers to 7/123 as all the other batsmen failed to ensure their presence in the middle. Kancha Cheena Pirates were helped largely by a disciplined display of bowling by Ferhan Ali (4-0-35-2), Anupam Prasad (4-0-15-2), Absar Najam (4-0-16-2), and Umair Azeem (3-0-16-1).

Kancha Cheena’s innings got off to a disastrous start as both openers were back in the hut in the third over. Skipper Karan Kumar (22 off 28 – 1 four, 1 six) stabilized the ship along with Dhruv Patel (33 off 36 – 2 sixes). Arjun Kumar (32* off 27 – 2 sixes) and Revanth Yarlagadda (14* off 8 – 1 six) overhauled the target in 17.2 overs. For the Pushers, Aamir Shahzad (3-0-21-1), Amit Patel (4-0-20-1), and Manu Singh (3-0-25-1) picked up one wicket each.

Result: Kancha Cheena Pirates won by six wickets


Match 4: Keyser Soze Invisibles vs Don Uncatchables

After a strong victory in their opening match, Keyser Soze Invisibles maintained their winning run in their second game with a massive 89-run victory over the Don Uncatchables on Saturday.

Keyser Soze Invisibles won the toss and decided to bat first. The Invisibles amassed 6/198 from their 20 overs, thanks to some lusty blows by Saquib Chowdury, skipper Asmar Najam, and Khawar Ali. Keyser Soze lost Jay Desai (13 off 11 – 1 six) in the sixth over. Skipper Asmar Najam (42 off 27 – 3 fours, 3 sixes) and Khawar Ali (38 off 24 – 1 four, 3 sixes) joined hands to set the base of a big total on the board. Saquib Chowdury (54* off 28 – 4 fours, 2 sixes) delivered the knockout punch with a late cameo that elevated the Invisibles to a massive total. Daxx Patel (4-0-28-2) and Moeez Ahmed (4-0-44-2) were the main wicket-getters for the Uncatchables.

Don Uncatchables were decimated by the immense pressure of a huge run-chase and the whole team was folded for 10/109 in 17.3 overs. There was nothing to talk about apart from Santosh Sharma (29 off 20 – 1 four, 3 sixes) and Sarwar Ghori (26 off 18 – 1 four, 3 sixes). A disciplined bowling performance boded well for the Invisibles, which was led by Affan Ansari (4-0-16-2), Umer Khan (3-0-23-2), Usman Malik (3-0-23-2), and skipper Asmar Najam (3-0-26-2).

Result: Keyser Soze Invisibles won by 89 runs


Match 5: Shakaal Sharks vs Khalnayak Babas

Shakaal Sharks handed Khalnayak Babas their second defeat in the Chicago Cup with a 60-run bashing in Chicago on Saturday. Shakaal Sharks won the toss and decided to bat first.

Farhan Arshad (55 off 16 – 1 four, 7 sixes) was the main destroyer for the Sharks who took the long route with authority. Ovais Siddiqui (33 off 33 – 1 four) also helped the Sharks to score 9/166 from 20 overs. Manish Nariwal (4-1-39-3) and Nikhil Patel (4-0-21-2) did their best but other bowlers failed to support him.

Khalnayak Babas never looked like chasing down the target. Chirag Patel (25 off 20 – 1 four, 1 six) fought the lone battle as Babas could only manage 10/106 from 19.3 overs. Irfan Shums (4-0-24-3) was the pick of the bowlers for the Sharks whereas Arvind Singh (4-0-20-2) also chipped in with a decent spell of bowling.

Result: Shakaal Sharks won by 60 runs.


Match 6: Kancha Cheena Pirates vs Gabbar Singh Dakus

In the last match of the opening day festivities of the 2018 Chicago Cup, Kancha Cheena Pirates outclassed Gabbar Singh Dakus by a gigantic margin of 121 runs at Washington Park Ground 2. Both teams came into this match with victories in their opening matches.

Kancha Cheena Pirates won the toss and decided to bat first.

Kancha Cheena Pirates amassed 3/229 from 20 overs, thanks to the only century of the tournament by skipper Karan Kumar (115* off 48 – 2 fours, 12 sixes). Arjun Kumar (55* off 27 – 4 fours, 2 sixes) and Wajahat Nawaz (28 off 20 – 2 fours, 1 six) also made their presence felt but were largely overshadowed by a dozen of maximums by the skipper.

The pressure of big run-chase told on the faces of Gabbar Singh Dakus, which could only manage a paltry 9/108. Venkatesh Naidu (3-0-23-3), Absar Najam (3-0-15-2), and Ferhan Ali (3-0-13-2) took wickets for Kancha Cheena Pirates.

Result: Kancha Cheena Pirates won by 121 runs


2018 Chicago Cup: Match Day 2

Match 7: Kancha Cheena Pirates vs Mogambo Invaders

Kancha Cheena Pirates extended their winning streak to three matches on Sunday with another massive 75-run victory over Mogambo Invaders at Washington Park Ground 1. The Pirates won the toss and decided to unleash their power-hitting talent on display yet again.

Skipper Karan Kumar (57 off 32 – 4 fours, 4 sixes), Ferhan Ali (35 off 12 – 5 sixes) and Dhruv Patel (20 off 19 – 1 four) propelled the Pirates to 7/181. Shiraz Najam (4-0-33-2) bagged two wickets for the Invaders.

Mogambo Invaders melted in front of the hot sun of a big target and were restricted to 10/106 in 16 overs. Ferhan Ali (2-0-16-2), Revanth Yarlagadda (2-0-15-2), and Umair Azeem (1-0-14-2) captured two scalps each.

Result: Kancha Cheena Pirates won by 75 runs


Match 8: Shakaal Sharks vs Don Uncatchables

Shakaal Sharks outclassed Don Uncatchables by five wickets to record their second successive victory. It was the second straight loss of the Uncatchables. Don Uncatchables won the toss and elected to bat first.

However, the Uncatchables’ batsmen failed to live up to the expectations and finished with 7/152, thanks largely to a half-century by Santosh Sharma (57 off 40 – 2 fours, 4 sixes). Parth Brahmbhatt (4-0-29-2) bagged two wickets for the Sharks.

Shakaal Sharks overhauled the target in just 17.4 overs. Kamal Kumar (68* off 56 – 3 fours, 3 sixes) and Farhan Arshad (52* off 23 – 5 fours, 3 sixes) made short work of the bowling might of Don Uncatchables with some lusty blows all across the park. Atif Shaikh (3-1-16-2) and Dinus Jayasooriya (3-0-31-2) were the main wicket-takers for the Uncatchables.

Result: Shakaal Sharks won by five wickets


Match 9: Gabbar Singh Dakus vs Tony Montana Pushers

Tony Montana Pushers recorded their first victory in the 2018 Chicago Cup with a six-wicket triumph over Gabbar Singh Dakus at Washington Park Ground 4 on Sunday. This was the second straight defeat for the Dakus after starting the competition with a victory.

Gabbar Singh Dakus won the toss and decided to use their bats first. However, their top-order failed to fire as they lost six wickets for only 67 runs. Gaurav Purohit (43 off 50 – 2 fours, 2 sixes) saved the Gabbar Singh Dakus from a complete disaster while Dhairya Mistry (41* off 26 – 4 fours, 2 sixes) played the catalyst’s role down the order. The Dakus finished with a meager total of 7/126 after their top and middle order lost around 13 overs. Akshay Patel (4-1-15-2) was the pick of the bowlers for the Pushers whereas Aamir Shahzad (4-0-29-2) and Rizwan Arshad (4-0-23-2) also claimed two wickets apiece.

The Tony Montana Pushers got off to a flying start to the run-chase. Openers Manu Singh (25 off 23 – 1 four, 2 sixes) and Sunny Sharma (46 off 37 – 4 fours, 1 six) scored 82 runs from just 9.5 overs to make the job easier for the batsmen to come. Arif Mustafa (28 off 16 – 3 sixes) also enjoyed the freedom with some massive hits as the Pushers achieved the target from just 17.2 overs.

Result: Tony Montana Pushers won by six wickets


Match 10: Tony Montana Pushers vs Mogambo Invaders

Tony Montana Pushers outclassed Mogambo Invaders by eight wickets to register back-to-back victories in the 2018 Chicago Cup at Washington Park Ground 2 on Sunday. It was their second victory in the tournament as against a defeat. On the contrary, the Mogambo Invaders slumped to the third straight defeat in the competition.

Mogambo Invaders won the toss and decided to use their batters first. The decision proved to be a disastrous one as the whole side was restricted to 9/126. Sunny Sharma (4-0-29-3) led the imperious bowling performance, followed by decent spells from Akshay Patel (4-0-23-2), Amit Patel (4-0-26-2), and Rizwan Arshad (4-0-19-1).

Tony Montana Pushers raced to the target and achieved it in only 14.4 overs. Manu Singh (77* off 51 – 4 fours, 6 sixes) and Jay Patel (25* off 15 – 3 sixes) played an instrumental role in completing the run-chase in a grand fashion.

Result: Tony Montana Pushers won by eight wickets


Match 11: Shakaal Sharks vs Keyser Soze Invisibles

Shakaal Sharks surged to their third straight victory in the 2018 Chicago Cup with a five-run triumph over Keyser Soze Invisibles at Washington Park Ground 4 on Sunday. This was the first defeat for Keyser Soze Invisibles after registering victories in their opening two matches in the event.

Shakaal Sharks won the toss and decided to give their batsmen a go. The top-order failed to deliver the goods but Ovais Siddiqui (81* off 56 – 2 fours and 6 sixes) not only resurrected the innings but took the team to a formidable total in the company of skipper Shaker Naeem (31 off 16 – 2 fours, 3 sixes). Shakaal Sharks finished with 9/153 from their 20 overs. Umer Khan (4-0-21-3) and skipper Asmar Najam (4-0-20-2) were the main wicket-takers for the Keyser Soze Invisibles.

In reply, Keyser Soze Invisibles kept losing wickets at regular intervals but skipper Asmar Najam (70 off 55 – 2 fours, 6 sixes) kept them in the reckoning. However, some discipline in the dying overs allowed the Sharks to register a crucial five-run win over the Invisibles. Arvind Singh (4-0-20-2), Farhan Arshad (4-0-17-2), Parth Brahmbhatt (4-0-29-3), and Ovais Siddiqui (4-0-43-2) were able to populate the wickets column for the Shakaal Sharks.

Result: Shakaal Sharks won by five runs


Match 12: Khalnayak Babas vs Don Uncatchables

In the battle of the bottom-two, Khalnayak Babas downed Don Uncatchables by 12 runs to finish the tournament with a consolation win. On the other hand, Don Uncatchables remained winless in the tournament.

Khalnayak Babas won the toss and opted to unleash their batting might in the last game. The top-order disappointed yet again but this time middle-order was there to save the day for the Babas. Vishal Patel (50 off 45 – 4 fours, 2 sixes) took the responsibility before getting retired hurt. He got a sensible company in Manish Nariwal (43 off 39 – 4 sixes) as Khalnayak Babas finished with 5/136 from their 20 overs. Miser bowling spells by Sarwar Ghori (4-0-25-2), Atif Shaikh (4-0-17-2), and Daxx Patel (4-0-15-1) limited the Babas from setting a big total on the scoreboard.

Don Uncatchables got a good start from their opening batsman Mohammad Iftikhar (42 off 23 – 3 fours, 3 sixes) but none of the other batsmen could assist him for the cause of a consolation win. The whole team was bundled out for 10/124 in 18.5 overs. Anuj Akhand (4-0-29-3), Mohsin Khan (3-0-22-2), Nishat Bharadwaj (1.5-0-7-2), and Nikin Patel (3-0-21-1) were the main wicket-takers but Sanjay Shrivastava (3-0-10-0) also bowled a miser spell to play a crucial role in the victory.

Result: Khalnayak Babas won by 12 runs


Semifinal 1: Keyser Soze Invisibles vs Kancha Cheena Pirates

After 12 matches of top-quality cricket action, it all came down to the “Finals Day” at Washington Park Ground 4 where Keyser Soze Invisibles were up against Kancha Cheena Pirates for a place in final of the 2018 Chicago Cup on Monday. The match lived up to the expectations as the winner was decided in the penultimate over of the clash.

Keyser Soze Invisibles won the toss and decided to put runs on the board in the high-pressure game. The Invisibles started off cautiously with skipper Asmar Najam (14 off 21 – 1 four) and Jay Desai (24 off 23 – 2 fours, 1 six) focused on the ground shots rather than taking the aerial route. However, the plan fell on its head soon after Desai’s run-out which exposed the middle-order to the bowlers. Saquib Chowdury (26 off 18 – 2 fours, 1 six) and Affan Ansari (27 off 15 – 1 four, 3 sixes) tried to resurrect the innings but could only lift the team’s total to 8/135 from 20 overs. Kancha Cheena Pirates’ skipper Karan Kumar (4-0-14-2) was the pick of the bowlers while other bowlers also played a decent role in confining the Invisibles to a moderate total.

Chasing 136 runs for victory, the Pirates lost openers Rahul Patel (8 off 7 – 1 six) and Dhruv Patel (2 off 7) early in the innings. However, Wajahat Nawaz (36 off 21 – 1 four, 3 sixes) and skipper Karan Kumar (57* off 49 – 1 four, 3 sixes) stabilized the wobbling ship. Despite a middle-order collapse towards the dying overs, skipper Karan Kumar made sure his presence at the crease right to the end to steal victory from the jaws of the Invisibles in 19.2 overs. Skipper Asmar Najam (4-0-19-3) bowled an explosive spell while Affan Ansari (4-0-30-2) also chipped in with a decent spell but failed to end the match as the winning side.

Results: Kancha Cheena Pirates won by three wickets


Semifinal 2: Tony Montana Pushers vs Shakaal Sharks

After winning their three matches in the group round, Shakaal Sharks fancied their chances to obtain a place in the title match against Kancha Cheena Pirates in final of the 2018 Chicago Cup. In the highly-anticipated last-four clash against Tony Montana Pushers, Shakaal Sharks relied on their bowling line-up to deliver the knockout punch.

Tony Montana Pushers won the toss and decided to bat first to avoid the pressure of a run-chase. The decision proved to be a great one as the high-flying batsman Manu Singh (53 off 50 – 2 fours, 5 sixes) got the team off to an electrifying start. Arif Mustafa (76* off 45 – 3 fours, 5 sixes) soon joined the fun ride as the duo propelled the Pushers to a winning total of 3/185 from 20 overs at Washington Park Ground 1.

The pressure of big match and a run-chase got to the nerves of Shakaal Sharks’ batters as they lost openers in a whisker. Parth Brahmbhatt (21 off 30 – 1 four, 1 six) and Faizan Ali (46 off 28 – 2 fours, 4 sixes) tried their best to stabilize the dented innings but the asking rate kept surging to impossible highs. The daunting task forced the Sharks to keep losing wickets regularly as they finished with 7/146. Aamir Shahzad bagged 2/13 from his four-over spell.

Result: Tony Montana Pushers won by 39 runs


2018 Chicago Cup Final: Kancha Cheena Pirates vs Tony Montana Pushers

The procession of Twenty20 cricket reached its twilight with the title match of the 2018 Chicago Cup at Washington Park Ground 1 in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday. Two best teams in the competition, Kancha Cheena Pirates, and Tony Montana Pushers locked horns in the battle for the title in front of a huge local and social media audience on MAQTV.

The title match was affected by rain during the first innings which spoiled the party a little bit. Kancha Cheena Pirates won the toss and understandably enough they decided to take the crease first in the pressure match. Kancha Cheena Pirates got off to a sluggish start as Rahul Patel (11 off 14 – 2 fours) and Dhruv Patel (1 off 2) failed to set a solid foundation. Wajahat Nawaz (16 off 23 – 2 fours) also failed to flex his muscles due to some disciplined bowling by the Pushers. The contest was at its peak when rain interfered with the cricket action in the 14th over. The match officials decided to put into place Duckworth/Lewis Method and stopped the first innings after 14 overs. Kancha Cheena Pirates finished with 6/67 from 14 overs. Aamir Shahzad (3-0-13-2), Akshay Patel (4-0-20-2), and Rizwan Arshad (3-0-15-1) put the brakes on the scoring rate and stopped the Pirates from setting up a tough target.

Tony Montana Pushers were given a target of 56 runs from 10 overs. However, their innings also faced the similar trend as their in-form player Manu Singh (4 off 10) fell cheaply. Sunny Sharma (20 off 16 – 2 sixes) did stay for some time but others failed to extend their presence.

In the end, they could manage 6/53 from the allotted overs. Farhan Ali (2-0-8-3) caused havoc to the run-chase while Absar Najam (2-0-10-1), Umair Azeem (2-0-13-1), and Karan Kumar (2-0-13-1) also bowled decently to help the Pirates lift the 2018 Chicago Cup title.

Result: Kancha Cheena Pirates lift the Chicago Cup title with a two-run win


Top Players in the tournament

Karan Kumar of Kancha Cheena Pirates was the most valuable player in the tournament with 1028 points, followed by Manu Singh of Tony Montana Pushers with 829 points and Asmar Najam of Keyser Soze Invisibles with 809 points.

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