Cricket to make appearance at Kids Festival


Cricket will make an appearance at the 2018 Kids Fitness Festival that will take place at Pompano Beach. This, according to Sofian Qamar cricket operations manager at Cricket Council USA (CCUSA). The event will take place on July 11 and 12 and will involve a host of other sports.

Qamar said that CCUSA has been working all the while, to get cricket into the American psyche and this provides a wonderful opportunity to address young people about the sport. Cricket administrators and coaches Mahammad Qureshi, Qamar, Tanveer Iqbal, Assoon Esmire and Rajesh Sharma have been visiting schools throughout the Plantation area in an effort to take the cricket to students who would not have been introduced to it before. The response has been good but according to Qamar having more eyeballs thrown at the sport is sure to benefit.

“We have been trying our very best to get the cricket into the mainstream and it has been an uphill task. However, when we undertook the assignment we knew it was not going to be easy. What we have done is try and introduce the sport as much as possible every time an opportunity presents itself. Here we are again at the Kids Fitness Festival and we are going to make the best of the opportunity, hoping to inspire around 5,000 students. We know what we have to do and we are going in there with the singular vision of making this event a success. We have well qualified coaches accompanying us and we are looking forward to meeting those young enthusiastic children who want to try something new. You can never know just how far one can reach by taking up this sport that is moved by so many people.

“We at CCUSA is taking the cricket to the people and we are going to continue the effort even when this festival finishes because we know it is a long road ahead.”

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