CCUSA congratulates PM Khan

Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) chairman Mahammad Qureshi has sent out congratulations to newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

According to Qureshi, Khan’s elevation to prime minister is significant for the sport of cricket. Khan was a former successful captain of Pakistan and led them to the 1992 World Cup title in Australia.  Pakistan has had its problems in cricket in recent years with home tours being banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after an attack on the Sri Lankan team bus in 2010.

Qureshi said that Khan is surely not going to leave this alone :”Imran’s appointment is great for Pakistan as he would take care of all national issues. The one close to us is having cricket played in Pakistan again and I am sure he is going to take a keen interest in this, being a living legend of the game.

“Imran has shown great leadership over the years and we expect him to continue in the same way as prime minister.” Qureshi added that Khan’s involvement in sports would give him a heads up when it comes to dealing with people be it members of his own government, the opposition or the general public. “Sport teaches you so much when it comes to teamwork, understanding different individuals and learning to co-exist. Anyone exposed to this and for Imran he has been exposed to this for decades will definitely be able to handle the pressure of personalities.

“Imran is a bright politician and one who has a genuine interest in the development of Pakistan. At this crucial time in the history of Pakistan, I think the best man has been chosen for the job. He is going to take Pakistan through this difficult period unto better days for sure.”

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