Critical time for women’s cricket


Critical time for women’s cricket

MARGATE/FL – USA: The next few weeks is a critical time for women’s cricket in the United States as CCUSA is trying it’s utmost best to bring top level competition to the country.


The Women’s Cricket59 tournament takes place at the Maq Cricket Stadium from March 13 to 15.
Teams from outside the USA are expected to touch down in the country to test the local women cricketers and this will be very good for the development of the game here.

Samantha Qureshi chief accountant at CCUSA says that the investment that the cricket body is making is all about giving back to USA cricket. “We don’t stage these tournaments to make money. We stage these tournaments to assist in the development of cricket in the country and we want to see cricket grow.


” My dad Maq has a great passion for people and the game and this is his vision. We are all onboard this effort and we are looking forward to a great tournament.”

Interested teams and players can go on to to register.

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